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Every aspect of a brand from its logo to its packaging, a touch point to communicate with people. Even bare walls of the store or an office can be used to establish the personality of the organization and what it offers its customers and employees.


In a mural everything from the design style and elements used to the colour scheme can help establish what the brand stands for and its vision for the future. And of course, murals help beautify working or retail spaces, giving them unique identities.
This makes murals an ideal medium to communicate company culture. Anyone walking into the space can look at the mural and get an idea about the brand.


We redesigned our office using murals to give it a look that is in sync with our organization. The designers were given a simple brief: when someone walks into our office, one glance of the mural should tell them what we’re all about.

Given our love for robots, science fiction and animation, we created three murals: While we have a giant robot protecting our city on one wall, a larger wall has a design that brings together our interpretation of fictional characters we love: Rick and Morty, Homer and Bart to name a few. And we sneakily incorporated our logo wherever we could.

For every mural the starting point is a drawing. Once the drawing is finalized a vector line art of the design is created. We try out various colour combinations and details on this line art.Specifs like stroke width are decided at this stage.

We then project this line art on a wall and start skecthing it on the wall itself. Once the sketching is complete, colouring and detailing starts.


Our murals have helped us revamp our office, making it into a one of kind space work space that we’re happy to inhabit!






  • 2017


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