Motion Graphics: breathing life into flat design

We’ve had a lot of fun working with flat design: we created flat characters for a client and even made our in-house comic strip ‘Drop Shadow’ all flat for a while. The next step for us, was to make those characters move and interact. And as you progress to the realm of motion graphics, you get a whole different beast.

While working on flat characters, we realized that adding just that little amount of motion, could make the graphic more interesting. At the time, we were working on animating a corporate presentation for a client in the CSR sector, and we started wondering, what if we could do corporate presentation with flat motion graphics. Last week, we decided to convert our own introduction presentation into a little motion graphic video:

That little video, got us thinking that motion graphics could open up a whole new way of making short engaging content that can be used to introduce products, services, website, apps, you-name-it or engage with customers with ‘how-to’ videos and infographics with motion. Here the flat-ness helps:  the animations looks equally detailed no matter which screen you view it on.

This also increases its appeal. Short videos that are easy to engage with, are perfect for audiences that don’t have the patience to sit through 3 minutes of footage or have already moved onto platforms like instagram and vine. Mostly for us, it frees us of the constraints of getting the ‘right’ footage. Now we can create just about anything that we have in our minds. Thats the real power of motion graphics, it gives any brand a simple way to tell a story.

And coming back to stories, we also animated our flat characters, the client, designer, coder and business developer. The concept was to create the intro for them as though they were part of an online mini-series.

Come take a look here:



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