Mobile Video: Vine or Instagram?

Recently while searching for a review of the latest Game of Thrones episode, I came across this. It’s a little 6-second looping video of Maisie Wiliams (who plays Arya Stark) responding to the 9th episode of the second season of GOT. It’s funny. It’s quick. I wanted to make them too. That’s how I discovered Vine. Yet, while I was still trying to figure out what to shoot, Instagram announced that it too was going to let people shoot videos. And thus started a conundrum:  which of these two short video apps is better? Or just more fun?  I decided to try them both.

On the face of it, both Vine and Instagram video have a similar shooting mechanism: open the app, touch your finger to the screen to record and lift the finger when you want to cut the scene or finish the video. It’s so simple that it requires no training. The differences are that Instagram videos don’t play on loop, they can be a maximum of 15 seconds long (Vine videos can only be 6 seconds long) and you can add filters to your videos (which you can’t do on Vine). More differences here. Instagram thus gives you its image experience in a video: short, quick and layered with filters that make them look better than when you shot them.

But then why do I like Vine more?

Vine ‘videos’, to me, are hyper-‘gifs’. Constantly looping, moving from jump cut to jump cut, easy enough to make with one hand. They have this rough and jumpy feeling that layers on Instagram just killed for me. Vine is thus the perfect place to put up things that are funny, need to be shown fast and require more ingenuity because of the constraints of the app. Instagram on the other hand feels like it’s more for people who want to explore the ‘arty’ side of video. Also, in my experience, Instagram videos took a very long time to upload, while vine videos went straight to the cloud before I blinked.

Having said that, the response that we got for our videos, was far better on Instagram than on Vine. This could be for a number of reasons, first that there may just be more people on Instagram than on vine and since there are more people, they comment and ‘heart’ more. Second, we know more people on Instagram than on Vine (definitely true for BlueAnt Digital) and thus got more responses. Either way, Vine videos were more fun, Instagram videos had more interactions.

The question now, isn’t about what is more fun to make (Vine), but how to use these videos for brands. And that is something that we’re just beginning to explore.

Here are a few Vine and Instagram videos that we recently made. Which one do you prefer?
PS: Instagram videos are very painful to embed, we had to use InstaEmbed for this.

At Khan Market:

For our Client First City (example of use for Brand):

At Khan Market:

For our Client First City (example of use for Brand):



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