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Mission Education is one of Smile Foundation’s longest running fundraising campaigns. It is a national level campaign aimed at providing education and healthcare to underprivileged children. After 14 years, Smile Foundation were looking for a change in their messaging in order to attract new supporters, and retain existing donors.


Smile Foundation’s campaign messaging so far had focussed on education as a means to end child labor. However, we wanted the messaging to take a more positive, hopeful tone. We did not want to present basic education as a counterpoint to child labour, as we felt that this diluted its value and the message. For us, education was worthwhile in its own right.


To this end we chose to present education as a vehicle that enables a child to achieve his or her dreams. By supporting Smile Foundation, donors are not just building better schools, they are building better futures.

With this campaign, we were reaching out to a target audience made up of individuals who had had access to education. However, we understood that to many, this access would not have seemed like a privilege. This is why we went with communication that focussed on their own memories of going to school – special assemblies, making friends, PT periods and so on.

We asked our audience to share their own fondest memories of school. We then used Smile Foundation’s own statistics to bring out how over 17 million children (aged 6-13 years old) lack access to basic education. By donating to Mission Education, our donors were providing these children with the same access to education that they had, and therefore, the same ability to achieve their dreams.


We created communication for Smile Foundation’s social media in addition to designing the landing page for the campaign. The landing page provided visitors with up to date information on the campaign, the impact of every donation, event updates, as well as stories from volunteers, team members and donors.

11,200 people have donated to Mission Education 2016-17 so far.
18,333 children have been supported so far by the Mission Education 2016-17.



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