Designing an App with Material Design

‘Accounting’ and ‘exciting’ are not two words that one often hears in the same sentence, but on one of our last projects we got to work on an app that was both.

We were contacted by a young startup to develop the user interface for a smartphone app designed to help users track accounts between friends. If you’ve ever had to split a bill among a group of 7 people, you know the ‘if only there was an app for this…’ feeling.

Our role on this project was to design a user interface – the whole look and feel – for the app given only its wireframe and functionality.

Given the scope of the project and the information we had about the app we decided this would be the perfect moment to create something using Google’s material design. We needed to create something that was visually appealing, easy for the user to navigate, with elements that could be located rapidly and deployed instantly.

App Design Material Design Image

With this in mind, Google’s visual design language seemed to be the obvious choice. This design is beautiful yet minimalistic. Designing an app using material design as a base seemed the wisest decision considering the ubiquity of Android devices and the intuitiveness with which users operate it. We even matched the colour scheme to the Lollipop interface meaning the learning curve for the user of the app was virtually nil.

How did we do it? We started by defining a basic visual hierarchy of the elements that made up the app. What functionality is the most important? Which images and icons should be the most prominent? What is the absolute minimum amount of information the user needs to input in order for the app to function? With this in mind, we streamlined design to match the user flow as defined in the wireframes.

App Design Material Design Icons

But wait – this is a cross-platform app which means it’s functional across operating systems including iOS and Windows phones. That’s why we devised simple redesigns for every major operating system that allowed the app to be ported to any other device without any loss in design standard.

With this material design/iOS design hybrid we created an interface which lent itself to virtually any device’s user experience. Another design leap for BlueAnt!

Tell us – what’s the most innovative app design you’ve ever seen? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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  • headant

    Jun 10th 2015

    I guess you're asking for the name of the app. It's called 'KnoDues' and is currently under development for iOS and Android.

  • George

    Jun 10th 2015

    So, how is that app called?

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