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Out of the crazy gamut of things that we do at BlueAnt Digital, logo design and branding is something that gives me an adrenalin rush. When a client comes up to you and asks you to define their vision’s visual identity – you know you have power to create the crux of its communication with its audience. It’s a heady feeling to know that you will be instrumental in making a regular product or service into that mystical entity: a Brand.

Over the past year we have had quite a few branding projects from a wide array of clients who function in different industries. Their contexts, target demographics and purpose were all very different from each other but by the time we were on to our third branding project a pattern began to emerge in the way we were creating logos and brand identities. We discovered that Branding is like a journey : one that starts with the client’s needs and ends with something that resonates with the target audience. So we decided to illustrate that journey via a metro map – with all the major and minor stops of the process leading up to the main destination – the logo. We hope you like it!

Here are a few examples of our clients and the branding work we have done for them:

1. VRDMOB is a media-tech company that works with developing apps and websites. Their name caught our attention immediately and we decided to take the “MOB” element forward and develop a unique mafia themed concept for their branding. The final logo that we came up with after several iterations was simple typography arranged in a shape resembling a gun. We used a typical mobster-y colour palette of black and white with just a dash of red highlighting the “O” like a gun shot. Apart from creating a fun and dramatic brand image – the mobster reference also helped conjure up the image of “guys who get the job done”.


2. PRC Direct is an e-commerce site that deals in industrial supply and hardware products. Their main target customers are other businesses in the same sector. One of the various concepts we came up with was of a hard hat – one of the most recognizable icons of the sector against a solid coloured background and bold and angular text which would have an instant connection with the premise of business. The idea was to create something bold and striking – yet familiar enough in terms of aesthetic – that would inspire confidence in people and businesses looking for durable, good quality hardware products.


3. HiveMIND is an HR and Management Consultancy Firm which wanted a unique identity that focused on their brand values of capitalizing human potential via deep personal engagement. The branding concept again stemmed from the company’s name and we constructed the logo around the mnemonic of a beehive.


4. Boomtowner is a blog based website that reports market trends and start-up opportunities in emerging cities in Asia. In the logo we wanted to show the dynamism, chaos and growth that have become synonymous with these cities.




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