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For sometime now, we’ve been producing videos for Anglian Medal Hunt Company. What we started to feel was that the videos need a more consistent identity. We wanted to rework the existing Logo, to give all the Anglian Medal Hunt videos a common ending animation that would visually reinforce the brand, its events or other programs undertaken by them. We wanted to do this in a manner that would keep the viewer engaged while conveying all the important information (the website, facebook page and twitter feed) to them. The brief from AMHC consisted of the idea of animating all the existing visual elements of the logo. They didn’t want to change any elements in the logo since the brand was already established. We felt that a simple animation could help us achieve this. We didn’t touch the logo; instead we relied on a simple visual hierarchy and logical sequencing of the various elements that together made up the logo. Our first iteration or sample was to give the client a basic idea of the visual elements in motion. It was to set an example of timing and the manner in which the elements would be animated and enter frame along with where each element would finally sit, in respect to its original allocated space. The first version was a rough cut and as the client pointed out it lacked excitement. The second iteration was based on going into the details or finesse of the animation. So now we were looking at how the basic elements could be further broken down and rebuilt on screen itself, to come together to form the original logo. Here we moved away from the original script dictating a straight-jacketed approach of the obvious visual hierarchy and timing. We introduced the elements more naturally with the idea of giving each element emphasis. The end result was a much more spunky looking animation that captures the essence of a sports company. We hope you like it! Nanki Jassal is a graduate from Srishti School of Design and Technology with a specialization in video production. She has worked for ad agencies and production houses. She’s now BlueAnt Digital’s production manager in Bangalore.



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