Logo and Packaging Design for Midori Tea

It’s spring. Hopefully. I mean it is, isn’t it?

Recently the weather has been nice enough to hang around outside, read books, doodle and, of course, sip a cup of tea. So we figured there’s no time like the present to introduce you to the logo and packaging design we did for Midori Green Tea.

Midori is a brand of green tea which comes from Chota Tingrai Tea Estate in Dibrugarh, Assam. Midori imports, packages and sells both Indian and Japanese teas. The brand focuses on two varieties of Japanese tea – Matcha (Midori Matcha) and Bancha (Midori Autumn).

‘Midori’ is a Japanese word which literally means ‘Green’. As the brand is very much rooted in Japan and Japanese culture, the logo needed to reflect that essence and to signify its Japanese connection, while looking contemporary enough catch people’s attention. We went a long way searching for Japanese and Indian motifs for logo inspirations. Initially we picked up elements like Sarasa from Japanese tea ceremonies, Kokeshi dolls, Shodo calligraphy, Japanese Tea Script, Indian Hindi letter floral pattern from old paintings and prints, before we finally came up with our first logo sketches.


Based on client feedback, we made vector versions of three logos that they selected.


From these three logos the client liked the one with the Hindi and Japanese script ‘Cha’ mnemonic the most. However, we had to replace the Hindi ‘Mi’ with the Assamese ‘Mi’ keeping in mind where this tea came from.


This particular logo has been designed and positioned as a collaboration between Japan and India. The mnemonic itself gives the visual recognition of Japanese stamp and its overall simplicity speaks for itself.

For the brand colour, we decided to go with ‘midori’, using darker green as a primary colour and light ochre brown as secondary. These colours reflect the pure, fresh, organic, green nature of the product. The green tea leaf flavour in the logo is refreshing to look at and gives an instant recognition of the tea business Midori is into.

green tea branding and packaging 7

Packaging Design for Midori Green Tea started with Logo Design, and built on the logo that to create two unique designs for Midori Autumn and Midori Matcha. Packaging is crucial to a physical product. As much as we want to believe that we mustn’t judge a book by its cover, there’s no denying that beautiful package does lead to higher sales sales. It is the appearance of the product that pushes him or her to invest in it.

Since we were dealing with exceptionally high quality tea, we needed our packaging to reflect that high quality standard. With this design, we didn’t just need to attract a buyer, we wanted the packaging to tell the buyer the entire story behind the product.


Keeping in mind the style of the logo, colour and the material of the container, we came up with a premium looking design and differentiated each product through differently-coloured product labels. Considering the type of printing technique and the material of the container, i.e print on tins, we had to ask for die-cut marks from the tin manufacturer (who was based out of the country). The designs were placed accordingly for the final print on tins. The style of packaging was so specific, our client had to send the designs to China to get them printed on the tins.

For the Midori Autumn the design got printed on airtight cuboidal tin container and stand-up pouch for loose leaf tea and tea bags, while Midori Matcha was printed on a cylindrical airtight tin container.

green tea branding and packaging 5

The printed tins have finally arrived in India and are ready to hit the stores soon. We can’t wait to see them! Pick one up whenever you spot our packaging and share your green tea experience with us!



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    Nov 13th 2017

    Thanks Laxman!

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    Nov 12th 2017

    Very nice

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