Life’s a Pitch: Liger, Liger, Burning Bright

Pitches are perhaps my favorite part of working in an agency. The thrill of approaching a new client, with your ideas, and looking at their eyes widen in joy, as they go through all the plans you have for them, is a sheer delight. However, while on most occasions the pitches become success stories, there are times when things don’t work out as well as we expect them to. However, that gives us an opportunity to show off our creative ideas to the world. Life’s a pitch!

When the folks at Liger Gel contacted the ants, a wave of excitement was visible in the office. The ants, tired after 4 days of heavy work, could really make use of some Liger Gel! Liger Gel helps the user soothe aching muscles of their body, and has been around the markets for quite a long time. Many of its prominent competitors in the markets are coming out with numerous creative campaigns. However, despite being a household name, Liger Gel is yet to have a presence in the social media circles. Personally to me, it was an exciting thing to work upon, as I was already working on a pitch in my first week at BlueAnt.

When we brainstormed about this product, the first thought was, that it is a very ‘serious’ and a ‘traditional’ kind of a brand, and it does need an air of ‘thrill’ and ‘excitement’ to it, which would help it connect with the modern day consumers in a much better manner. It was with this thought of adding an element of excitement and thrill to the brand, that we came out with the campaign idea of ‘Cheer with the Liger’.


India being a country where sports are celebrated, and sports stars are larger than life, this would help engage the audiences in a better manner. Of late, many people tend to prefer sprays over gels. Associating Liger Gel with sports would help the audiences associate it as a ‘cool’ brand.

In addition to having it associated with the sporting events, another of our plans was to have the Liger Gel associated with elements that promote motivation. Struggling to catch a cab in Delhi rains, and not giving up after trying many times, yours truly got Inspired from a popular song, and suddenly texted Kant with an idea for Liger Gel! We decided to use #EyeOfTheLiger as our other major campaign for the brand.


The idea here was, that with sports, comes a thrill. The thrill of the fight. The spirit of never giving up, and raising the bar to a whole new level! With this campaign, the intention was to have the post relatable to the audiences, in an interesting manner. Historically, a large number of athletes have come out with some really inspiring quotes. Be it Muhammad Ali challenging the Gorilla in Manila, or be it Niki Lauda returning to race after a mishap inflicting severe burns, or be it taking every day as a challenge like Usain Bolt does.

However, with all the sports related ideas, there was also a need of a third kind of a content pillar – something that would resonate with the Indian audience. For everyone who has ever worked with a brand, we all know how a ‘topical’ content pillar has to be there. However, while we were thinking on the lines of a topical pillar, Taggant came out with a brilliant idea for the image, and here’s what she designed:


The association of Liger Gel with sports could have been the next big thing! But well, Life’s a pitch. Not all ideas get approved, and not all plans work out. However, here I am, writing the ballad of a shot down idea, but wearing it like a medal of honor! What do you think about our campaign ideas? How would you have improved them? Do comment below and let us know!

Phantom Out!

Life’s A Pitch is our blog series on client pitches we loved working on but that didn’t quite make the cut.
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