Ants being Curious @ Kyoorius Design Yatra’16

We have thought of attending Kyoorius Design Yatra, but have been thwarted every year by more important client work. This year we finally decided to let creativity reign over commerciality and hit up the Kyoorius Design Yatra 2016. We made it to Jaipur for the 3 day event and had a gala time there. And we’ve returned with:

  • Notepads overflowing with notes scribbled during talks.
  • Card holders stuffed to bursting from all the networking sessions.
  • Bags full from all the shopping we did at the event.

But, amidst all the talks and tete-a-tetes, we did little bit of our own analysis and noticed that there were four broad categories of speakers at the event:

The Design Geniuses

The Design Genius - Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicenco-Despi

This lot comprised of the design geniuses – the people that live and breathe design. These creatives have risen in the world solely because of their passion, skill and hard work. They are the artists who can contextualize their work by lending to the commercial world. The most humble superstars you could possibly come across.

Key Insight: The final outcome is everything. The designers in your agency need time to think, breathe and create. If we need the work to be kick ass, we need to buy the requisite time from the client, no matter how difficult it may be.

The Non-Artists

The Non-Artists - Vorahit Kruvanichkit

These designers claim to be non-artists because they aren’t conventionally trained. They see design as creative problem solving, not self-indulgent art. These experts presented projects that would not strike commoners like ourselves as ‘design projects’. Their ideas and projects brought together diverse domains while providing the most simplistic yet kick-ass solutions to the most basic (and sometimes crippling) challenges.

Key Insight: Design is Everything and Everywhere. The possibilities are infinite. And as creatives we need to broaden our horizons and our outlooks and poke our nose into fields we would never have associated with design or creativity.

The Nerds

The Nerd -

They are the ones who listened to their parents and took up engineering. Then they pursued whatever they wanted to do once they were done with their degree. In brief, these are designers who have an engineering background. Mock them all would have in high school, these guys come from sound technical backgrounds and are pretty much running the business front in the country, successfully.

Key Insight: There’s no escaping the technical people. You need them to be able to collaborate with. And, honestly, if you’re running an agency, however big or small, you should be glad they’re there to run it for you.

The Mostly Curious Ones

The Mostly Curious Ones - Ronald van Schaik

Curiosity killed the cat? Nope. Curiosity gave birth to some amazing projects. These are the people that make incredible things happen by going completely against the rules. These inspiring individuals make everything sound easy and fun.

Key Insight: The minute you get comfortable and find a ‘formula’ that works, go take a few weeks off, explore the world and your surroundings, come back for a fresh start. Stagnation kills the designer.

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  • headant

    Oct 14th 2016

    If you say so Venkat!

  • Venkat

    Oct 14th 2016

    Awesome insight

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