Kinetic Typography on Sexual Harassment

Hello! This is Mutant from the BlueAnt family and it’s time to take you through an animation video we cooked up in our lab for Hivemind Solutions.

Hivemind is an HR training firm. We have been working with Hivemind on their digital media presence for quite some time, so when they approached us with a request to create a video to raise awareness about sexual harassment, we jumped at the chance!

We didn’t need our usual dose of coffee to come up with the idea of putting together an animated video. We knew this would be the perfect way to convey a message because of how it caught the eye. But how were we so sure that this video was going to appeal to a viewer?

We were going to use kinetic typography.

Kinetic typography – quite literally ‘moving text’ – is a visual style that makes use of little other than embellished, animated text to convey a message. What makes it so attractive is how, with text being the focus of the video, the viewer is almost ‘forced’ to pay attention to the message.

We implemented this using a very minimalist style – a few neatly placed elements merged with Hivemind’s light colors against a neutral background bring the message of the video into sharp focus.


While the video is predominantly text based, its execution was a little time-consuming. We started out by putting down the script and sketching the storyboard based on it. We knew the script had to be kept precise and to-the-point which is why we used examples of daily activities to concretise the concept of sexual harassment in the video.


Then we moved on to scene design where we mapped out the frames of the video. There were a few things we had to keep in mind even before we got into creating the actual animation. The first was that our kinetic typography was going to be merged with motion graphics so we had to keep track of the time it would take to transition from scene to scene and the elements each would involve. We also had to keep looking out for the sound score. We needed a track that could bring out the seriousness of the subject, without being too heavy or overpowering. In that sense, we needed a track that cruised through the video, but wasn’t too light-hearted either.

We sourced the soundtrack from audieonetwork and merged it with a few folly tracks. Folly tracks are effects which help in amplifying a transition change or a moving object in the animation. With the folly and the soundtrack the moving words seemed to create just the impact we wanted.


When it came to colors and scene design we stuck to our basics. A textured white background went well with orange and black. Once the look-and-feel was established we dove into compiling the elements together and figuring out the transitions between frames.

Once that was taken care of, the video was complete. We ran it past Hivemind and they loved it! We hope you do too:



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  • ram

    Nov 20th 2015

    amazing done.

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