Just another day in Delhi

It’s been almost 6 years in Delhi, it was time to capture it through my other eye i.e, my camera. I shot these videos and stills a year ago, when I was in college exploring myself. Having no sense of direction and camera equipment, it was just me holding a camera, my sense of aesthetics and of course my feet.


Streets tend to feel familiar to me, people around me were commuting with me. Yes, Delhi has its own quality, I tried to give it a feel without knowing whether it is against or for. Whatever I came across, I just captured it. Finally I edited the video on my roommate’s laptop and showed it to my college faculty. But it was not decent enough according to them. Being in an Art College, decency was more important than aesthetics. That’s why, I couldn’t showcase it in my college exhibition and the video was silently saved in my hard drive.


After a year, while working at BlueAnt Digital, I was just going though my old college stuff and I stopped at that video which was rejected in the college. I showed this video to Arjun and our team of ants. But they could hardly believe that it was rejected. Arjun then asked, “Do you have the raw footage? We will recreate it in BlueAnt style”. I replied, “Yes”. I said this excitedly without thinking that those videos were in my roommate’s laptop and he had left Delhi about 4 months ago. It was really tough to recollect the footage. Finally after a month, our wait was over and we somehow managed to get some of the footage and stills. With the minimum amount of the footage, we recreated this video within two days and came up with the name ‘Just another day in Delhi‘. Here is the final video, don’t forget to turn on your headphones/speakers.



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  • Soumen Bhowmick

    Aug 1st 2014

    Great job Suvo.

  • Sang Das Sengupta

    Jul 29th 2014

    Its awsome bro.....

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