Introducing FootPong

 AKA playing Football with your hand

I’ve been working on promoting Football in India for Anglian Football for a while now. While we’ve made videos, comic strips and caricatures, we still wanted something that we could use in public spaces (the first one was Anglian‘s own reception). Something that would respond to people, involve football and of course be fun.


And that ladies and gents, is where all the Processing was coming from. Over the last two months Jiten (a web-designer without a website) and I wanted to come up with that something. And that something needed to have the Kinect because it could be placed in space that could fit a screen, it needed no wires, no buttons and no start up (and we’re a little bit in love with it).
So here’s our solution: FootPong.


(Football  + Pong Game Play = FootPong)
More pictures here.


FootPong is a Kinect ‘game’, which lets you ‘kick’ a ball across a grassy (illustrated) football field via your hand movements. The user has to direct the ball away from moving defenders and past goalkeepers into the nets. Once the user scores three goals, the game resets. Sounds simple enough, but the combination of moving defenders and acceleration of the ball, means that often if you are not fast enough, the ball can deflect into your own goal.

From a technical view, the kinect connected to a TV and a laptop, detects the hand of a user standing in front it. The hand position is shown  in the game as a crosshair. When you move your hand, the crosshair moves on screen. The faster and closer you bring the crosshair to the ball, the faster it gets kicked away from you.


The purpose of this game is two fold: to entertain people who are waiting in the Anglian’s meeting room (the reception ideas was dropped due to lack of space) and to place it in pubs, clubs, cafes, any places where people have a little time and space to move their hands.



Because a little interaction goes a long way in establishing a brand in a consumer’s mind.

Not convinced? Drop in at Anglian’s office and have a look for yourself!



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