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So it’s been a week since I’ve had this new job. “It’s going to get crazy”, I feel. You know that ominous feeling that you tend to get? You can’t put your finger on that feeling but, hey, if you could put fingers on feelings, they wouldn’t be feelings, would they? But I suppose this is the kind of chaos that I’ve never seen before – the organized kind. You know how madness can be fun? That. I love playing music. By playing music I don’t mean hitting the play button on Winamp but actually playing the instruments. At the moment, it’s mostly the guitar and drums. I like to try my hand at almost everything. So far, I’ve gotten into content production (professionally), and on my own time, I like to fiddle with software that is going to help me write music. Many artists have to deal with creative block. I’ve been stuck in that rut for quite some time. But never did I think that this problem would be solved in the most unimaginable way possible: by getting a job! That’s right, you can go and wash out your eyes, come back and read it again if you so wish. Here is work as I dreamed it would be. Sure, the ‘lounging comfortably’ option is missing, but there is a lot more I can do here that eclipses this particular fancy of mine. Did I mention I love playing music? I always thought working was going to take me away from it. But it seems to have brought me closer to it than I can imagine. Enough of the job satisfaction claptrap, meanwhile, there’s some music playing in the background. No, not the ‘Fevicol’ track. I catch snatches of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alice in Chains, etc. What was the probability that I would end up at a place that supported me in my passions? I might start living here soon… Ok, that’s a little too much. All the same, faith in the supernatural: restored. It’s about to get crazy… I know it.



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