Ants take on the Inktober Challenge

Anything that challenges our creativity piques our interest. Inktober was exactly that. And when a month-long challenge which involves you to create a drawing in ink every day came up, we plunged headlong into it. And each day, one of us would create a piece in ink in accordance with the official Inktober 2016 prompt list. At the end of this challenge, we have not only honed our drawing skills further but are richer by thirty-two (yes, there was an extra) drawings to decorate our office with.

Here’s what we have to say about taking up the challenge and coming out stronger:

Mutant: I loved the fact that there was more work to do and now I had an excuse to work from home and hence would spend more time detailing things. Also, working on Inktober meant we had to ideate and come up with the most aesthetically appealing drawing in the shortest possible time. In fact, my favourite would be the one I made for Dussehra. The word was ‘Transport’ and we had to bring out the word while creating something that was relatable to Dussehra. So I created Ravan on his flying chariot which in my opinion is the first cool automobile.


Valiant: I tried dodging the challenge as much as possible. But there was one particular day when I beat everyone and jumped onto the challenge. The word for the day was ‘Box’ and it was close to Diwali, so by general agreement, we decided on adding a Diwali touch to all our drawings. The word became the perfect metaphor for me to showcase how I would like to spend my Diwali – hiding from the world, living in a box.


Constant: Amidst all the designing and packaging that I do on a daily basis, setting aside time for Inktober was a challenge in itself. Personally drawing in ink is something that takes a backseat because of other commitments but this month I have tried giving as much time to it as possible. While I cannot pick a favourite, I have been told my interpretation of ‘One Dozen’ was something everyone enjoyed.


Resonant: Inktober 2016 has been my Inktober challenge and executing it along with six others was the fun part. Drawing is something I’m always up for so it was a given that I initiate the challenge from BlueAnt’s end and the first drawing I made was my favourite. Though I went on to create a number of pieces, the cheetah I drew for ‘Fast’ was my personal best.


Flamboyant: When the challenge was taken up, I was a bit sceptical because in my head I’m  not great at drawing in ink. But with every new word I took up, I surprised myself. I started off with ‘Rock’ and the final one I made was a drawing illustrating ‘Creepy’. The challenge was to relate the word ‘creepy’ to Diwali but I managed to pull it off.


Taggant: This was the first time I took up the challenge but carrying it out alongside work and final year exams became the bigger challenge. I tried giving my touch to everything I created and it wasn’t a surprise all of them ended up looking very cute especially the boy with broken glasses.


You can check out all our drawings here.



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