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Everybody loves infographics. They are a fun and engaging way to learn about topics that might be too boring or complex to sit and try to comprehend otherwise.

In the past few months we created a bunch of infographics for one of our favourite clients: Broomberg. Through these infographics, we talked about how to clean a certain part of the house or get rid of a certain type of dirt. We also gave DIY tips on how to create homemade cleaning agents. Some of these infographics focussed on hot topics of the season. All of them tried to present new ways to clean your surrounding and the environment.

What was different about these infographics was the limited space in which we had to compose them. Since Facebook prefers a square format for images, it was essential that we fit all the information in that space. This was a challenging task but again the essence of infographics is to compress information into an easily understandable format while ensuring none of its essence is lost.

Here are a few recent infographics that we had the most fun creating.

infographics for a startup 1

One of the examples of the ‘how to’ Infographic posts mashed up with DIY component that we do for Broomberg. The main purpose of these infographics are to show how you can take easily-available household ingredients and create a solvent that can help clean your daily-use appliances. The best way to show this is in steps which are easy to follow with visuals that make them easy to remember.

infographics for a startup 2

Dengue is a menace in and around Delhi, especially during the monsoon season. The best way to avoid dengue is to prevent dengue mosquitoes from breeding. The Government of Delhi issued a detailed document listing down all the methods and symptoms on this topic but as all documents go, they were far too wordy for anyone to read. Broomberg had us make this detailed infographic to share on social media to help raise awareness on how to prevent this disease.

You can read the full infographic on the broomberg blog here:

infographics for a startup 3

This is another Infographic for a DIY project for creating a room freshener. We used panels to show each step of the creation process to make it easy to understand. As you can see, the ingredients are things you’d find in any home so freshening up a room is as easy as 1…2…3!

What do you think of our infographics? Leave you comments in the comments section below!



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