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In December 2012, our client Bridge to India (BTI) decided to start a solar energy news aggregator. The aim was to create an online space that appealed to everyone from first time solar enthusiasts to industry experts. India with its large energy deficit and ample sunlight is a perfect market for solar technologies, but there is no one online space in which everything from the latest policy changes to the new gadgets is dissected, displayed and discussed. The idea was to create that space in-line with existing BTI branding. From this was born (we spoke about what we do for that website last month here). We’d already had a few unsavory experiences with unknown coders in our previous projects. Plus it was December, a generally slow time for work of all kinds. This time around we decided to build the site ourselves. We started off by talking to some of our more reliable coders (who later became our app partners), spending days and nights tinkering with servers, domains and templates. By the end of it, WordPress stood out. It was easy to understand, simple to build and could be used to build a robust website in a short time. With time on our side we started work on, using the ‘Confidence‘ WordPress Theme. Once the site was up, we moved onto creating content (all images), promoting them via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and maintaining the site in most ways. For us having that first site was proof that we could start working on all kinds of websites. What followed was the creation of our own site, followed by creating a new website each month (more on those websites later). Between December and now over 6 months have passed and in that we’ve learnt quite a bit of what WordPress is capable of and where it can be a bit dodgy. Now that we admitted to building sites, we can start talking about all the different ones that we’ve worked on! ISM blog image



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