Designing a Print Brochure on Education

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Long time no read. The name is ‘phant – Ele-phant’ from the kingdom of Blueant Digital Intelligence, if you don’t remember. My honest intentions for this weird introduction is to share my little experience I had, illustrating the second brochure after GROCERPAD.

This brochure is about a project ARISE (All Round Improvement in School Education): an initiative by the Tech Mahindra Foundation that works to improve the quality of education in government and aided schools. We work with TMF through PR firm Young Monk. TMF’s project ARISE attempts to revitalize underperforming schools by building upon their strengths through targetted interventions and collaboration with specialized agencies.

This brochure goes around a character inspired from a student named Pari. The character was initially designed by Sahil the valiant, who put forth the design in all the illustrations in a sketchy, happy children’s drawing style.

Designing and print brochure for education - Pari intro

Pari is the face of the ARISE project because of her fast learning abilities and confidence gained under their training. About her interests, passions, hobbies – I took them to be music, books, science!

Designing and print brochure for education -Teacher

Introducing, Pari’s amazing teacher and supportive mother. I had to go to Sari-wearing classes and browse some saree designs and tutorials to get this shot just perfect! Hehe! I’m kidding.

Designing and print brochure for education -Pari's Father

See! that’s her proud Father with his super mustache, seeing his kid happy, learning something new everyday. I really got my finger twisted to push Pari on his back.

Designing and print brochure for education -friends

I had fun creating these different characters. I gave them all names: missing-tooth kid, curly-haired kid, smart kid, weird kid etc.

Designing and print brochure for education -middle page

Had some wonderful brain smashing moments, arranging all these elements for this page. Initially, there were too many elements to fit in one spread, which confused the eye. But, it all came down to awesome composition ideas, with timely changes. The fun part creating this was those flying characters around Pari. And the detailing! See the children’s book in her hand? There’s a tiny dragon on the cover! khakha!

Designing and print brochure for education -Paperplane

And, behold the flying paper plane for a happy ending.
Nobody would ever know it, but I did fly loads of planes all around the artboard and run the mouse for an hour or two to find the right place to lock the placement without any technical disturbance.

And finally….

Designing and print brochure for education -creatives

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