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‘How to be the rain’

18 Jun 20123 Comments

I’m running out of words that end with ‘essing’ and thus rhyme with ‘Processing‘.If you know a good one leave it in the comments. You’ll get +10 Karma Points.Last weekend I decided to take the Kinect ‘point cloud’ and it’s reaction to music to the next level. MellowGhost (aka Aazar Anis) came over to our offices, where he spend a few hours playing a guitar that was connected to more pedals than I have ever seen before. This may be an exaggeration, because I dont really know much about guitar pedals.

As he played, a little Processing sketch used the infra red cameras in the Xbox Kinect to create a semi 3D image of him (this is called ‘point cloud’), the cloud moved as he moved, and changed color as guitar’s sound changed. We captured the sound and video from the processing, and mashed them together on editing software (Final Cut Pro and After Effects) to add a little more texture to the video. This bit was handled by Sowmya.

In the end what we have is a music video for MellowGhost’s ‘How to be the rain’.
I hope you enjoy it!


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3 Replies to “‘How to be the rain’”

  1. Amazing video processing work from 2.06 onward. Since I am an old school music fanatic, I don’t enjoy excessive sound processing (specially reverb and echoes) and I get my highs from the shredding and killer sweeps from the guitars instead !
    However, a brave attempt and different one at that too. I hope you guys can create a niche space for yourself and succeed asap ! Cheesr. Rahul.

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