Happy Diwali

A very happy Diwali from all of us at BlueAnt Digital Intelligence!

Expressive typography is the mixture of visual and the typeface, which conveys the meaning of a word through movements in the design of the word. And typography is something that I like working with. So, I decided to use the words that I associate with Diwali and create something using expressive typography. I decided to use 5 words that I relate with Diwali: Shopping, Crackers, Mithai, Diya and Rangoli.

I have decided to follow flat design. I did have some trouble selecting the right font according to the word’s mood. At the same time, I also had to decide if I wanted to use a readily available font or create a font of my own. In the end, I just used both. But it wasn’t just fonts, Diwali is a quintessential Indian festival, I also wanted to use Devanagari and Latin scripts.

In ‘Shopping’ I created a font with the straight lines so that I could create a shopping bag and give a sense of movement in the text itself.


For ‘Diya’, I created a curved design and played with the background to give the text an extra dimension.


For ‘Rangoli’, I created a design that mmimics the circular in nature rangoli


In ‘Mithai’, I used Devanagari font and within that added two Indian sweets: a Jalebi and a Laddoo.


In ‘Crackers’, I played with the letter ‘C’ to give it the feel motion of a firework.




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