Graphic Design for ‘I Say Organic’

Our new client ‘I Say Organic’ got us on board a few months ago, as marketing consultants for their social media content. This meant our job was to come up with marketing ideas, visual concepts, keeping a tab on timelines and on the whole, aiding them in:

  1. Creating maximum interactions on the social media platform – Facebook
  2. Generating higher sales by directing those interactions to their website, where consumers can order online

Before going further, let us tell you a little about the brand. ‘I Say Organic’ is based on the thought that food is the fundamental requirement of life and that any amount of chemical tampering with its growth harms everyone in the food chain. Therefore bridging the gap between organic farmers and consumers becomes a must and this is where ‘I Say Organic’ steps in by making organic produce available online to the consumers. A step further from consulting, we also began designing Facebook posters for them. Their branding and packaging has a very kitsch, fresh and earthy feel. The different forms of minimalistic illustrations drew us to create various web friendly templates for the brand. We designed posters around pictures of fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses and other food products. Many of these were later converted to Facebook adverts also and other promotional posters. During the process, we also came up with a lot of ideas revolving around consumer experiences and imparting of knowledge, like sharing home remedies using natural organic products. Hence we went ahead with the concept of converting those remedies into info-graphics using muted and earthy colours with most of the visuals. One interesting part of the brand’s aesthetics was the human caricatures. We kept on building more characters based on the existing look and feel of the 4 characters we got from ‘I Say Organic’. These were incorporated in most posters to carry forward a story. During the festive season, the brand had loads of offers and deals for their customers. This allowed us to experiment with typography and pictures in a minimalistic fashion making nice-looking, feel good posters. With the interaction we got on the schemes and remedy visuals, we created more festival related posters. Working with ‘I Say Organic’ gave us a wider chance to work on a new set of aesthetics, which was unique and inventive. Take a look at some of the posters we worked on. Also most of our work can be seen on their Facebook page here. ISO blog



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