GoPro Jam Video

Yes I (and everyone else in the team) am obsessed with the GoPro. So when Mellowghost, a ‘post-rock’ band (as if there could ever be such a thing), asked me to come shoot them jamming, they knew I’d say yes.

What I wasnt counting on, was being in a tiny 10 foot by 10 foot soundproofed basement hidden in Defense colony. Yes, it’s built so when you scream, no one can hear you. No, I didn’t think a house-of-a-1000-corpses sort of thing was happening there. Instead, wedged between a manic drummer (Soham), a charismatically long haired demure bassist (Ashwin, ‘I dont like Social Media’ is all he said to me), a guitarist with a penchant of bobbing his mane (Anhad) and another guitarist playing footsie with pedals (Aazar), was a I. All I had was camera, that I had forgotten to charge, a phone to control it, and just no space to stay out of the frame.

That wasn’t all. Green Box Studios (the dungeon of Defense Colony) is excellent for playing, jamming and recording, but its too dark to shoot. It’s understandable, they ever thought that someone would video record there. But it made the footage grainy and colors looked dead. So we decided to kill them further.

Here, have a look at Melloghost playing ‘Retribution’.



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