GoPro: Geeks on Vacation

March ends, Delhi summer’s onslaught begins. This year March promised a few days of respite Holi, just another Thursday, Easter and a weekend: 5 whole days to leave the city, before the heat makes you want to leave. We decided to leave for Rishikesh, a decision that most of Delhi had also taken. We would only realize this on our way back, when it took us two and half hours to cross Modi Nagar a town known for, well, its traffic jams. Thankfully for us, the living arrangements were made by Geck &Co, an adventure tourism company, partly run by Archit Rakheja (a close friend, all round great guy, ladies please talk to him on facebook). The place, space and adventure have been better described by Licia (another friend) and you can read it here: All I’ll say is that they were epic. Why am I telling you this? Because there is something I enjoyed more than drive, the place, the people and all the other things that people gush about. I am a geek and I got a new toy. This blog post is about that. The day after holi, we finally got hold of a GoPro Hero3. A wide angle monster that fits in your hand. A camera so adept that it can capture anything, yet crippled by the lack of a permanent viewfinder. The ‘vacation’ then, was just an excuse to test out some new equipment that we’ll soon start using in all our projects (Olympic athletes beware). In the meantime though, enjoy this semi-scary and totally cheesy trailer for a movie we’ll never make ‘Geeks on Vacation’.  



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