GoPro before Takeoff

RC: It’s been a while since I began making music for clients’ videos. But lately I think my music has become more intense. I wonder if my latest track would be of any use…

AJ: 2000 feet above the ground, at an arm’s length from Nepal’s Himalayas, floating in what feels like a plastic bucket propelled by a large fan, guided by the deft arms of an ultralight pilot.

AV: Dude, this is so EPIC! Dude, this is SO EPIC! What is this 960p? Woah that is cool! GoPro takes HD to another level. I am dying to edit another POV video.

RC: …I was very happy with the track; it had been my best effort till date. So it wasn’t pleasant to hear that it wouldn’t be used for any of the client videos. Bummer…

AJ: It’s 6am, way too early for my caffeine starved mind, when it hits me that I’m leaving Pokhra airport and headed in the direction of the Annapoorna range.

AV: The footage was an hour long hence selecting the right shots became tedious. The video had to look just right with just the right cuts. It was fast-paced, so I went for a beat to beat cut.

RC: …The track starts out nice and mellow, with some country style guitars when the bass flows in neatly. And just when you begin to feel that monotony is setting in, up shoots the tempo!

AJ: I should be paralyzed with the fear of falling down without a parachute, or obsessing about what I’d do if my pilot decided to doze off.

AV: Shit! It just crashed! The files were so heavy as are most GoPro videos in nature. I began the edit at least 3 times.

RC: We’ve done sports, retail, consultancy, lifestyle, media and lots more. Where the hell would a soundtrack bordering on metal fit?

AJ: But I don’t have time. I have a GoPro camera, but not enough space to see what I’m shooting. Oh well, framing be damned, it’s time to do what this camera does best.

AV: I’ve got to make this video fly. Editing this was one thing, editing it along with the soundtrack was another: from the beginning to finding the “peak” points for that perfect cut. Thank God, I don’t have vertigo! Hoping no one else who is watching the exhilarating video has it either!

Shooting: Arjun Jassal (AJ), Music: Revant Chopra (RC), Post Production: Anika Verma (AV)



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