Gifs: A day in BlueAnt Digital

It’s been a while since we worked with Gifs.
We worked on ‘3 Gifs on Delhi‘ almost a year ago. Since then, we’ve been wanting to work on more fun looping animations, but instead moved further into motion graphics. A few weeks ago, we stumbled onto a BuzzFeed list of beautiful gifs from across the world. That’s when we decided, we just had to make more gifs.

The actual work of creating Gifs is one thing. Before we reached there though, we had to decide what those Gifs were going to be about. After a lot of thinking, brainstorming and discussion, we decided to work on ourself. Literally.

We wanted to show what each of us do in a typical day at BlueAnt Digital. And the more Sahil worked on the Gifs, from character design to motion, the more we wanted to show all the silly things that we do at work. Or at least, what our motions and conversations look like to Sahil.

So without more unnecessary editorialization and comment, here are the gifs.

We recently realized two things about Rashmi. She loves her green tea, and in spite of her growing some in Assam, she never brings any of the ‘good stuff’ to office. Oh, and she really doesn’t like twitter.

At work, Jackson periodically clicks his mouse, stares at his computer and maintains a serious expression on his face. But, this is what we think he’s really doing.

Ever glued to the phone, Anika likes two things: Twitter and taking pictures. While she doesn’t really take selfies in the office, this is what we think she would look like, if she did:

So what does Arjun really do? I mean really? He’s usually on the phone, drinking coffee and staring at his lovely white boards.

Dennis doesn’t engage in the phone-talking, tea making, selfie taking waste of time that rest of us indulge in. He is one with the machine.

This Gifs series was created by Sahil. And as the creator, he wanted to do a little extra for himself.
What did you think of our Gifs?
And what would you like us to work on next?
Leave your answers in the comments section below.



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  • kumar

    Dec 7th 2018 planning gif background in my website.

  • headant

    Apr 17th 2015

    hahahah true. If you were in office, we would have drawn you too! :-)

  • Vivek Rawat

    Apr 17th 2015

    Just amazing, Dinesh's GIF is so true :D

  • Jackson Meisnam

    Apr 2nd 2015

    Goods Idea! Okay! Let's dance.

  • Sahil Malhan

    Apr 1st 2015

    Thanks Piyush. Keep watching this space for more amazing stuff.

  • piyush

    Mar 31st 2015

    Amazing !!!!

  • headant

    Mar 31st 2015

    That's exactly what we were thinking!

  • Siddharth.s

    Mar 30th 2015

    What next!? Gif comics ofcourse!

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