Flight, Camera, Action!

“Would you like to go to Chennai and shoot some videos?”

The words rained on me when AJ asked me this question as he stepped in to the creative corner of our office, ecstatically. And the natural reaction was something like “HELL YES!”

We had to shoot industrial videos for a brand that manufactures earth excavators. And we had exactly a week to plan the shoot, get the concept in place, arrange for the equipment, the nitty-gritties and my favorite part, select the camera appropriate for the project.

Our collective choice – Canon 5D Mark III! Reasons why we went ahead and rented it:

1. It is the best in business

2. Can shoot video and pictures with amazing clarity

3. Easier to carry compared to bulky video cameras

4. Since no pan shots were required, 5D lenses were the best option for steady shots

Our brief was to shoot the undercarriage of an excavator and the filters of the machine. Since the excavators couldn’t be moved around for a shoot for logistic and logical reasons, we went to the factory where they were assembled. We began our day by reaching the scorching Sri City SEZ, located on the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border. Our best bet for lighting was natural light as the weather kept on oscillating between bright sunny and dry cloudy.

1382799_10151955528450149_2008698885_n photo

We set up our camera and began shooting as they rolled in the mammoth excavators. They were vibrant and the industrial interiors of the factory turned into a visual wonderland. After wrapping up the shoot in the next two days, our next challenge was to shoot the filters for the video and posters.

We set up a product shoot rig within the hotel in Chennai, and shot images for the next 2 days.

After coming back to Delhi, the post-production process began. It was divided in 6 parts:

  1. Compiling all the apt shots from the footage and images
  2. Cutting out and post-processing of images
  3. Editing the videos with the required colour correction
  4. Merging the flash animation with the video
  5. Getting the soundtrack and voiceover ready
  6. Syncing it all together

The interesting thing here (besides the Canon 5D) is that this video had a lot of aspects being melded together. Also, everything about this video, from the shoot, the animation, the voiceover, the soundtrack to the final cut was done in-house. Check out the video below:



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