Expectation vs. Reality: Lessons learned from working on our internal projects

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in our 4.5 years of existence, it’s that every summer the city seems to take a collective sigh and decide to go into hibernation for about 2 months. Sadly, it never bothers to inform us, which is why we spend most of our summers furiously pitching for projects only to find ourselves swamped with unprecedented amounts of work a couple of months down the line.

Not that we’re complaining.

This year, we thought ahead and decided to invest at least a part of the team’s energy on internal projects.

You may already have noticed us talking about Techstory and Myra and Zuku on social media and on our blog – these two microsites emerged thanks to the team’s craving to experiment with something we had never worked on before. Where Dennis and Jackson got stuck into Adobe Muse for Techstory, Anika and Sahil were hooked on Construct 2 for their rendition of Children’s Storybooks for Adults.

For everyone involved, this was exciting – It was a way to test their own capabilities, hone their own skills, learn from their mistakes and create something that they had always wanted to create.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows to create something for yourself. The actual process of production looks a little bit like this:


It IS all unicorns and rainbows when you first start out. When you kick off a personal project, you’re convinced of your innate prowess. You’re sure you’re going to create something magnificent! Something extraordinary!! Something the likes of which have never been seen before!!!

The future is blindingly perfect – this is going to be the greatest product mankind has ever seen. You’re sure of it.

Expectation Reality Adobe Muse Construct 2 Lesson 1


It’s only when you get into production that you notice that neither you, nor your process, nor the technology you use are flawless. Conceptualising, creating and even coding are great fun, and there’s nothing quite like the trepidation and excitement that accompanies your first build. But there’s also nothing quite like the frustration when you discover you dropped a magnetic anchor, or that your site isn’t responsive, or that your site is responsive on mobile, but not on tablets, or that the server on which you’re hosting needs to be mod_rewrite enabled in order to load the compressed version of the site, or…

Expectation Reality Adobe Muse Construct 2 Lesson 2


The truth is that for all the energy and excitement you may have for an internal project, there WILL be moments where you’ll have to call on every drop of motivation to get you through. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you never, ever lose hope, motivation or sight of your goal. Because once you make it through the woods…

Expectation Reality Adobe Muse Construct 2  Lesson 3

There’s no high that can match what you feel.



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