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Our client BlueLotus Strategy Consulting recently assigned us to create their brand/event collaterals. This meant we had to come up with the whole series: brochures, pamphlets, standees and their panel design that will be a part of their exhibition stall at the Global Legal Confex. They have developed a customisable web-based ‘Compliance Ecosystem’ that works in many organizations. Our aim was to highlight and give emphasis to their product called Compliance Management Suite in their overall collateral designs. This suite manages legal, secretarial, financial and labour laws, rules and regulations, which are applicable to an organization, in order to provide an integrated solution to all their compliance needs.

To crack this production, we had to run through all their brand guidelines, the brand colours, logo elements etc. and carry them forward for all the collateral designs. First, we came up with stall mock-ups that basically cover: standees, 4 panels, along with a brochure and a 3-fold pamphlet.

Here is a step-by-step break up of our tasks:

1. The Panels had to be 4 feet broad and 8 feet tall. This panel size allows us to present all the different components of their compliance suite, i.e: legal diary, labour and industrial compliance, document management and financial compliance. To highlight these, we created corresponding icons to be accompanied by the logo element against the brand’s blue colour on the background of each panels. This makes the panels look attention-grabbing especially from a distance.


2. For the standee design, our idea was to simply present the breakdown of the e-compliance suite to different tools and modules and how they function. Like the 4 panels, the entire design needed to look consistent including the brand colours and logo elements. So finally we came up with this simple, good looking and an informative design.


3. Third was a 20-page brochure. The brochure talks in detail about BlueLotus Strategy and its e-compliance products. We created a complete explanation of the compliance ecosystem using graphic elements and snapshots of the related software. We kept the pages consistent using branding elements such as colours, icons, hexagon shapes, which were translated from the logo’s elements, including the photo on the overview page that we masked in to the shape of the logo’s element. These made the brochure match with the overall collateral designs, like those of standees and panels.


Brochure-Mockup brochure-blog-2 brochure-1

4. Lastly, we had to create the 3-fold pamphlet. The idea is that when it unfolds, it should be the same size as an A4 sheet. These folded pages highlight the features of legal diary, document management, financial compliance and labour and industrial compliance. The further use of primary icons with their secondary icons made it easier to explain the products and their features infographically.


Finally, the printouts were ready. We and the client were quite satisfied with the final outputs. We would also love to hear your ideas and comment on our print designs. Before signing off, we want to let you in on an infographic animation we have been working on for the same event. And yes, for that we will come up with another blogpost. Keep watching!

PS. This is how they look at the ConfEx.

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  • deba datta

    Jan 13th 2017

    I need this type of standee design. What will be the cost for Equipment+flex + etc....plz call me 9861340479

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  • Dennis Akham

    Apr 29th 2015

    Thank you so much! We had a great time working with you.

  • Jasmeet

    Apr 29th 2015

    Great work guys! From whole team of BlueLotus, we thank you for coming out with such an attractive design, that too with limited deadlines on hand. Keep up the good work!

  • Siddharth.s

    Apr 28th 2015


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