Education meets Lego: branding India STEM foundation

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”—Franklin D Roosevelt.

On average though, we also fear math and science.

We have all experienced the terror of a math or science problem. Either the problem was too knotty for us or because we were too naughty to pay attention to it (that’s why we love XKCD so much). Whatever the cause may be, for a lot of us science and math have a special place of dread in our hearts. Clearly opposed to play time, for which we just wanted 5-minutes more.

A Not-for-Profit-Organisation, India STEM Foundation, decided to mix math and science, with a Play. India STEM Foundation, (the ‘STEM’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; sometimes preceeded with a ‘CS’ for Computer Science) aims to make education fun by letting children explore concepts while building Lego models. And some of these models are computer controlled, giving children a glimpse into problem solving and programming.

To introduce 6-9 years olds to this approach of education, they recently introduced the Junior First Lego League (JFLL) in India. In the league, children tackle real world problem with a little imagination and whole lot of Lego. They then get to present their solution using a ‘Show-Me Poster’ and a Lego model. The first edition of the this leagure will soon be held in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Delhi-NCR and Pune . India STEM brought us on board to help them reach out to children who would be interested in joining the league.

We wanted to make the leagure appealing to children and to their parents. For this, we decided to rebrand JFLL using Lego’s own branding guidelines, some bright primary colors and flat design. Of course, the Lego blocks and our childhood’s hours with them, crept into our designs and concepts.


For us, you cannot have Lego, without the minifig. And instead of the staple yellow figure (remember the Lego Movie?) we decided to give him/her a rather Indian look. For the text, we used a curvy font for ‘Jr’, that reminded us of our childhood comics. This also helped us create a distinction between the Jr FLL event, which is meant for younger children and the FLL event meant for older children. ‘FLL’ is written as a bunch of blocks, keeping in mind the lego theme of the event.



Once the branding was done, we moved on to the website. Here we took the branding concept further and to ensure that the parents had access to event information we used a simple one page layout. You can see the site here.

But haven’t quite finished. We’re now helping India STEM foundation with their social media marketing, but lets keep that for another time.


Till then, we just can’t to get our hands on some Legos!



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