Cheer up. Exciting Times Ahead.

Just finished watching the latest episode of Last week tonight. The one where John Oliver rips into the United States for choosing Donald Trump. The episode was borderline depressing.There is too much happening everywhere. De-monetisation, trumpifcation, liberal lunacy or the right wing whataboutery.

o, I don’t plan to add up to any of these sad thoughts. Instead I am trying to explain why I feel this is the best time to be alive and kicking. We as a generation have an opportunity so immense that we cant be bogged down by whatever the shit we read or hear.

I am being positive and optimistic. Stop acting as if it’s the end of the world!

We are living in a time with great possibilities. Here a few articles from the past few weeks that just show how far we have come.

1. Uber is thinking of flying cars. Read this white-paper and then it doesn’t seem so far off.

2. Autonomous trucks are delivering cans of beer

3. AI judge correctly predicts court case results 80% of time

4. Joey from Friends has VIRTUALLY immortalized

5. Google’s AI bots are now smart enough to encrypt their own messages

It will soon be tough differentiating an episode of Black mirror or Westworld with the real life.

But is this a bad thing?

We have the opportunity to pick up these new technologies. Choose a niche domain and start learning. There is plenty of information on the web to self learn. Plenty open source libraries with great support forums. Computational powers have never been more affordable. These technologies are at a stage where real life adoption has just started to pick up. Now is when the surge comes.

I picked Deep learning in Fashion and Conversational commerce in fashion as my domains. For the past 8 months I have read numerous research papers on these domains. I am not an expert by any chance, But I am still better placed to understand how Deep learning is going change the fashion industry.

Keep no place for cynicism. Don’t be bogged down by all the negativity.

Move and change with time. Learn, read and adapt quickly.

Don’t let yourself get daunted by the steep learning curve.

Yes, you’ll have to take out time you could otherwise be having a beer or something equally productive.

Just focus on your big picture objective, your life goals and big learnings.

Who knows? You may soon lose your job to all this automation you keep hearing about.

Are you prepared? 

This blog is written by Tanay Dixit and originally appeared in the Medium.

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