Documentaries and Video Editing for Smart Power India

Documentary for Smart Power India

For Smart Power India, we were required to create narratives to promote their initiative, Smart Power for Rural Development (SPRD).

We put together three videos. The narratives of the videos had to focus on how gaining access to electricity opens up greater opportunities for economic development in rural India, creating jobs and new industries, increasing productivity, improving access to education and learning, and engaging more communities in civic participation.

The first video addressed the struggle of Meghu Sahu, a farmer from the Kashira village in Jharkhand. The story revolved around how reliable electricity from solar-powered mini-grids was fast-replacing kerosene as a fuel and helped farmers maximise crop yield and increase profits.

The second video showed how reliable electricity from a solar-powered mini-grid in Kathkuiyan, Uttar Pradesh, gave young people in rural areas a chance to attain employable skills.

The first step for both the videos was to go through a list of interviews. We segregated the videos into main shots and B-rolls. Post which, we devised a narrative for the video. Next, we shortlisted the videos that suited the narrative, fit as opening and closing shots, and stitched them together to create a story. Since it was difficult to caption the literal translation of the video, we wrote a script in third-person.

The third video showed how a flooded Smart Power mini-grid provided uninterrupted reliable energy to the block development office in Nabiganj, Bihar, amidst the Bihar floods. For this video, we created a narrative and wrote a script.

For all the videos, the final stage of production included color corrections, edits on the sound, and the speed of frames.

All the videos showcased the impact of energy access on the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand, and were very well received. Watch out for a new video coming out soon!



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