Dilli ’O’ Dilli: Delhi Hectic

After spending the better part of a decade away from Delhi, I finally moved back home in 2011. I was excited. I wanted to start a Social Media company. I wanted to reconnect with friends, renew my hatred for extended family. I was looking forward to never having to order ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ again.

While I was away, Delhi changed. My ‘colony’ got its metro station, 24×7 started serving hotdogs 24×7, Haus Khas Village transformed from a cattle ridden wasteland to a designer’s paradise, and everyone became an ‘artist’. I wasn’t quite sure what happened, and I wasn’t quite sure I liked it (not the hotdogs of course, those are brilliant especially at 3am).

Overtime, as I tried to meet old friends and make new ones, I slowly got to know this New New Delhi. This strange beast of malls, exotic cars and strange parties coupled with road rage, assault and property mafia. I’m a GTA fan, but in this game, you’re not always the player in charge (if you’re not a gamer, ignore this sentence). And I wanted to talk about my time, with my friend Aazar Anis, trying hard to meet new people in Delhi.

As Graphic Novel fans who were still going through an ‘I love Scott Pilgrim’ phase, we wanted to create an illustrated book of all the weird conversations, people and places we’d seen in Delhi (Ignore this sentence if you don’t know Mr Pilgrim). Fortunately for us, our flakey ‘artist’ friend bailed on us. Fortunately, for this helped us come up with a new idea: of using pictures, instead of illustrations, layering them with text and converting that into a wider narrative.

The question then, was where to get these pictures from. Who in this world would have pictures that captured where we were and what we felt? We did. We had been instagramming them for years. Before instagram became mainstream (Ignore this if you didn’t get the ironic hipster sentence). And so was born ‘Delhi Hectic’, an instagram based ‘graphic novel’ that looks at the Delhi we experience and what bothers us about it.

You know that Delhi. You have seen it, experienced it, been a part of it and complained about it. So read our rant, join our existentialism, marvel at how ‘noir’ it is here: https://delhihectic.jux.com/ And if you like it, do ‘share’ it with all your friends. That is, if they still look at the links you put up on Facebook.



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