DIGITAL WINDOWS: Technology in Flat Style

As the world is advancing with technology, we are getting closer and quite attached to our digital toys, our gadgets such as, mobile phones, tablets, laptops. As a result life has become much easier and we are connected to each other through this medium, which acts as a WINDOW to explore and see each other’s world easily anywhere and anytime. So we decided to come up with a concept, by which we could tell the people how technology plays such an important part in our life. Everyday we get connected with our family, friends and spouses through our cell phones, allowing us to know new things each day.

Today, technology influences our every move. It is the basis of our global society and without it we would spiral back to the ages of using a string and a cup between windows to talk to our next door neighbours, rather than logging into our Facebook, Twitter or Live Messenger accounts. Communication is a big part of our lives and as software technology has continued to advance, the world has become smaller. The world has created a digital platform for us all which we explore through digital screens.

So I thought of creating flat characters using the concept of gadget screens as windows. This is how Digital Windows was born! Technology is an enabling force and communication is a 3 step process for everyone: EXPLORE. CONNECT. SHARE.

FInal E

Final C

Final S

The benefits of technology do not conclude at the end of this blog, the list could literally go on and on and on. We leave you on this final note: ask yourselves this, belonging to the technological generation, could you really imagine life without technology, whether it be a phone, laptop, iPod, or your dearly beloved Facebook accounts, just think about it? Share your thoughts with us.



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