“What’s the Big Idea?” Developing a Marketing Strategy for Twenty Four Seven

“What’s the Big Idea?”

A long time back, when I first started out as a copywriter, I had that question constantly thrown at me. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

The “Big Idea” is simply that element, that creative connecting tissue that binds together what would otherwise be a series of discordant and unrelated ads. It is what ties them all together to make a campaign.

This element can be an idea expressed in words, a visual style, a mnemonic or a graphic element. Whatever it is, when you see it, you have that moment of “Ok, I get it now”.

Unfortunately, the rule that was drilled into us when we were freshers seems to have gotten lost somewhere. And in today’s world of digital advertising it seems nobody even knew it existed.

When we first started work on Twenty Four Seven, I noticed that although the graphics were good and the ads quirky, there was definitely something more that was needed.

So the first series we started was aimed at a peculiar problem the client had. It seemed that while people were always there in good numbers in the evenings and at night, their daytime traffic was not up to mark. People seemed to consider it more of a late night convenience. So using their food range as models we started the multi-tasking series.



The tagline, similar layouts and the message that whether you have a hot dog (or coffee) in the day or at night, it’s still going to taste great are all aimed at the same thought.

Another campaign we ran was the “Life Hacks” series. This was to bring to people’s attention the other products that Twenty Four Seven sells. So often people come in, grab what they came for and scoot out. But if a catchy poster provides you with an unusual idea for a sandwich, you might just want to try it. One can see the similarities in the execution to the Multitasking posts series. I say similarities, but you will see that they are not identical. Obviously we need people to notice that here’s another one, just like the other one.

lifehack final


And finally we come to one of the more successful series we ran. It all began with the start of the cricket season. Everyone needs to get in on that. There are those who can and will sponsor teams, or tournaments etc. Twenty Four Seven didn’t. But who they did sponsor (as we like to call it) were the fans. Those dedicated bunch of guys who will stay up till the last ball is bowled. And that began the “Couch Potato” series. The mnemonic as you can see was what bound anything we did as part of the cricket season.

supertitions cricket_01_superstition1

As result of these and a few more that we ran. The Twenty Four Seven Facebook page looks happier, more attractive and has definitely raised the interest of those who happen to visit it.



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