Designing Social Media Creatives for Twenty Four Seven

We recently created a design guide for Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores . The Design Guide serves the same purpose as that of a script to a movie, or an instruction manual to a microwave. The guide is made up of each and every step that one would need to follow for the production of a social media post for Twenty Four Seven.

Design Guideline:

The Design Guideline is the lighthouse to follow for the making of creatives. It has the information of the brand logo, the specifications of how it’s supposed to be used on each of the post types. It also contains information about the typefaces that should be used for the posts and the templates, banners and color palettes for each of the post type. In this case, these post types were: Product Posts, Brand Posts, Contextual Posts, and Theme based posts.

Product Treatment:


Based on the offers and the products that needs to be advertised, characters are designed from scratch. Keeping in mind that the creatives may go through several rounds of feedback and iteration, we keep their treatment as simple as possible so that they can be easily modified.

Since Twenty Four Seven is a product-based entity, we portray their products in situations that suit their characteristics by personifying them. Realistic photos are usually used and composited for the desired look and feel.

Dialogues and Staging:


Just like any actor, even our characters need their lines to interact with their surroundings. We try to come up with quirky jokes that catch the attention of the viewer. Creating something humourous is always a great experience, because not only does the finished creative leave a smile on your face, but you also have fun creating them!

Staging is another important part of creative composition. We make backgrounds that go in accordance with style of the characters and also don’t disturb the main area of focus, unless it’s what we are trying to achieve in a few cases (e.g. traffic in the background while characters enjoy in the foreground)



For Twenty Four Seven, we try to provide more than one option for a certain post, be it changes in color, positioning of characters, clothes, background settings, banner placement, face-type variations, images of the products. The team then gets back to us with their final choice of creatives, with a little bit of honest changes here and there, which we cater to. At times when a certain idea does not get across, we might also decide to revamp the entire creative.

Final Post:

At the penultimate step of the pipeline, the finalised posts are uploaded onto the Facebook and Instagram by our social media team.

In the meantime, we’ve already started working on the next idea/creative!

You can check out our work on Twenty Four Seven’s Facebook and Instagram pages.



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