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Pitara Designs is one of our favorite clients! And why not? Their aesthetics excite us; we have creative control over their digital media content and of course the excitement of integrating handicrafts into the digital space makes us talk about it a lot more.

The Pitara products are organic, handcrafted fashion apparels rich with the use of natural dyes and fabrics. This influence can be seen in their design aesthetic which is very earthy and contemporary. We aim to capture this essence in their digital visual communication as well.

We re-created their logo digitally and developed their website last year. To elevate the visibility of the website and expand its reach amongst its target audience, we began working on their blog post series a few months ago. This was to give a character to the brand’s overall narrative and bring out some interesting stories.

The Pitara blog is an informal first person account or what we’d like to call the brand’s ‘digital journal’. It covers a series of topics; from exploring their latest ranges to different manufacturing processes, from workers at the workshop to the travel expeditions.

What also works for the blog are the graphics we create following different styles that best suit their aesthetics. We plan and set up photo-shoots at the Pitara workshop itself, where we to get capture vibrant colours combined with the rustic look and feel of the space. The images give us a large scope to experiment and innovate. One more reason that can be cited for me raving about my experience is the absence of restrictive brand guidelines. The colours, moods and tones of the images also adhere to the tone of the blog content.

Following are some of the images we created for the Pitara blog.












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