Designing a Print Brochure for GROCERPAD

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of BlueAnt Digital Intelligence, came a project to design a brochure for GROCERPAD.

All the ants in the kingdom were busy with other projects except for one elephant. This elephant had just got back long, long trip to a far off land when he was summoned by The Headant and offered the project GROCERPAD.

GROCERPAD is an application designed to track stocks, accounts, customer security, and profit. As an application targeted towards local shopkeepers, the elephant had to rise to the challenge of creating a pamphlet which provided clear information through simple graphics. Shopkeepers don’t really have time to waste reading brochures, you see.

After a little brainstorming, the elephant had his concept prepared. He presented it to The Headant and took the advice he was offered to come up with a simple illustrative design.

print design cover

Here is the illustration the elephant designed for the front cover – A picture of a smart, well-managed grocery store was what the brochure really needed to be relatable to the target audience. Add to that flat, vibrant colours and you have something irresistible.

print design inner

The illustration within the brochure was divided into two parts. The first portrayed the negative effects of chaotic stock management. The next shows the opposite – a neat, organised system in place thanks to GROCERPAD.

print design stress

If there’s one fear that all shopkeepers share, it’s the fear of being robbed. When shopkeepers lose their stock, or lose track of their stock, they immediately wonder if it’s due to thieves.

print design thief

Here is the mind of a shopkeeper who isn’t quite clear about his stocks and accounts. This is the man who has to deal with bad dreams and sleepless nights as he lives in fear of losing his product.

print design grocery store

The elephant had the most fun creating little tiny grocery items that went into the brochure.

print design zen

Inner peace. Here’s what it all comes down to. A man with a management solution in hand – GROCERPAD – can rest easy.

What do you think of illustrations for GROCERPAD? The elephant would love to know your thoughts on his work!



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