The animals of the Delhi winter

The winter took the city by surprise. A warmish October rolled into a pleasant November. All the while Delhi lay waiting for Christmas vacations, lazing on dreams of picnics and endless wasted hours sitting in sun. With travel plans in place and warm clothes locked away, us denizens of the city prepared to enjoy the few days that give respite from a yearlong summer. But it was just not meant to be.

As the year brought itself to an end, bitter winds stormed the city, bringing with them their friend, the smog. Temperatures plummeted, visibility disappeared and sun was wiped away. All vacation plans, with the airplanes they made for, were grounded. Trains refused to move and so did the traffic, which could no longer see where it was going. The city, lit a little fire, got some chai and settled in for another Delhi winter.

And yet, the denizens of Delhi are not just its humans. The winter affects us all, man and animal. It has been a while, since we’ve done something on Delhi, and as Suvankar and I, walked around our office thinking of what we could do next, we saw a little puppy. Peak winter is a time when Delhi sees a spike in its puppy population, and this year has been no different. The puppy we saw had been adopted by the local taxi stand. He had a little red sweater and was playing with taxi drivers, huddled around a fire that they had lit to warm themselves.

That’s when we decided to do a few illustrations of the winter in the city and how it affects animals. Here are a few watercolor painting of the city and its animals. We hope you like them!










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