Creating design and packaging for Mana Organics

If you thought we could ever get overwhelmed with tea packaging, following our work on Tingamira and Midori, along comes Mana Organics – the third tea brand for which we worked on overall branding, design, and packaging.

Mana Organics approached us with a very clear brief and concept for the visual identity of their brand. They wanted an illustration-based identity with a logo that ‘popped’ out prominently against a graphical background.

As always, we started the process with a few conceptual sketches.

Tea packaging design branding mana organics 3

Tea packaging design branding mana organics 5

Mana were very insistent that we maintain and bring out the ‘Indian’ in their ‘Indian organic tea’, and emphasised that the identity have a tactile quality to it.

To help us out further, they even want on to define what each of their teas’ personalities were! So where Mana’s black tea was an earthy, robust, get-you-out-of-bed blend, their green tea was correspondingly soothing, fresh and healthy.

With these points in mind, we got to work on each of the concepts.

Tea packaging design branding mana organics 4

Tea packaging design branding mana organics 6

For the Black tea we made a beeline for the image of the elephant – an animal that not only serves as a symbol of India, but is also relevant to Assam where the tea originates. To make things even easier, the elephant’s perception as a strong, bold creature served as a perfect analogy to the tea itself.

With the Green tea, we opted for a more oriental feel relying on the use of influences like the pagoda, tea gardens and the Japanese tea ceremony.

Possibly the best part about working on this project was having Mana on the same page as us with regards to the concept of the elephant offering a cup of black tea and the Japanese influence for the green tea.

Tea packaging design branding mana organics 7 Tea packaging design branding mana organics 2

Our designs are now final and the packaging (with tea in it) ready to hit the shelves. If you’re in the US, you can pick up Mana’s Assam Black Tea straightaway! Hopefully you like the packaging as much as the tea – we like to believe we did justice to this exceptionally high quality product!



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