Creating Comics for PressPlay

Hello! DROPSHADOW fans, everything cool?

What! You’ve never heard about it?
What! Can you say that again?
Where’s the shotgun?
Yaah! Boom Boom! Pichkaon! Pichkaon!

Okay! Enough intellectual talk.
DROPSHADOW is a in-house comic strip, published weekly at BAD lab.
Browsing our lab, filled with quite a good collection of comics, we practice comic-making.

And as we continued our hard training, reading, blogging, scratching, recharging, dancing, singing and sketching, one day – luckily! – we got this comic project for PressPlay.
Don’t get too excited, it’s not about Superheroes. It’s a simple story of PressPlay Origins.

PressPlay TV is an app that lets you watch the internet’s greatest short videos across 24 channels. What makes it super is that whenever you’re connected to a PressPlay TV hotspot (e.g. at your nearest Cafe Coffee Day) you can watch hundreds of videos for free – no data charges!

PressPlay TV is all about entertainment and so are we – it’s a match! We always wanted to create comics and now we could! We used a semi-realistic style for these comics, ensuring that each frame kept the viewer’s focus on the main element of the panel. We used minimal flat colors and silhouettes in the background to ensure the reader’s attention stayed on the main elements of the story.

Episode 1:

This is the first episode we showed to the client and got the “GO GO” sign to kickstart this comic project.
This is the comic where we talk about the idea generation. It illustrates how the interesting idea of PressPlay app came into being. That’s Mr. Anand – the founder of PressPlay.
We did not color the character, to give the impression of manga style and created simple panels, and conversational shots.

creating comics for pressplay ep 1

Ain’t that bag cool? Oh! you didn’t notice.
Okay! It happens, you should observe this small details, you know.

Episode 2:

Recruiting the first PressPlay team.
Point to be noted: the text flow on this episode along with panel.
Ain’t that smooth?
Yeah! …if you notice.
Don’t ask about the last panel, we had hard time designing the Potato Logo.
This frame is a masterpiece; it has the touch of all the comic fans in the lab.

creating comics for pressplay ep 2

Episode 3:

The tricky part here was panelling the frames. It’s only two panels – one to portray the dull phase and the other for the opposite. Here we played with silhouettes while keeping an impression of 3D thanks to the dramatic lighting at the second frame.
Wow! It’s so amazing. Ha-ha! I can hear that, Thank you btw. Let’s go to the next episode.

creating comics for pressplay ep 3

Episode 4:

Yeehaw! Indian version Ninjaz! Action sequence! Mohit, the main character in this episode, is so full of power that he swept off all the ninjas with just his amazing entry.
The ninjas zone! They are friendly with the trees, they are wildcats, they can talk with the wind, they can fly like birds… and that’s how they flew when Mohit came by.
One of the ninja bheiyas even floated along a cloud while another ate a coconut. The rest displayed hair-raising styles of sea-dive.

creating comics for pressplay ep 4

Episode 5:

Khoochook! Khoochook!
Hoho Haha! I am the Sequoia Genie, three wishes and there you go.
First wish! We want to use brighter colors for this episode.
Second wish! We want people to pay attention on this episode, because there are a lot of small things happening in this square frame.
Third wish! errrr…… we’ll keep it for the future.

Hehe, here’s Sequoia Capital – the genie that granted PressPlay’s wish for funding.
Best frame, the fifth panel: Radhe Maa’s spiritual light
Also the fourth: that’s our version of Rakhi Sawant.

creating comics for pressplay ep 5

Episode 6:

Anand needs a bigger crew to support the team.
So, the PressPlay team called for backup.
They sent out their batsignal.
Then, entered – The Superheroes from the South! – to support PressPlay.
Yoohoon! Flying silhouettes!
How do you that?
Haha, Come on you know the trick.

creating comics for pressplay ep 6

Check out PressPlay on Facebook for more of our work!
Okay, back on track.
Hehe. Thank you.



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