Creating an animated ad for Broomberg

We’ve been working with Broomberg for nearly 8 months now and it’s been one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever had.

As a client, Broomberg have always allowed us to exercise our creative muscles. We’ve worked on them on social media campaign ideas, flat design creatives, animated gifs and now we got to do a video!

Animated ad for Broomberg character sketch

Broomberg recently decided to expand their marketing strategy to include YouTube and other video platforms. They called on us to work with them on creating a 20 second animation that could be used on these platforms.

Animation is one of our favourite mediums and I love creating animated videos, so I was more than happy to have this opportunity. I couldn’t wait to get started on the project.

For this project, we started off by narrowing down the concept that would be most suitable for an advertising format. We had created a post creative for Broomberg’s social media a while back which had been well-received. We thought it would be great to bring it to life.

Animated Ad for Broomberg Storyboard

We created a series of storyboard options for the animation. We already had the basic concept and the character models and so it only took a few feedback cycles before we settled for the one both BlueAnt and Broomberg felt was more effective.

We then moved on to create the animatics for the animation. Animatics are the middle step in between the storyboard and the final animation. They’re a kind of motion storyboard with minimal movement and details. Their role is to set the major keyframes and the timing of the scenes. Animatics are very helpful when working with large teams or fragmented team members as they help communicate ideas to the clients more easily. Animatics also worked to keep us within the 20 seconds timeframe the video required.

We used vector software to create the final scenes as they would appear in the video and then got to work animating them. The next step was to create the final scenes in our vector software and composing them as it would finally look. Once we were done with the scene we started to set up it up in AE to start animating them.

Animated Ads for Broomberg final scenes

We used the DUIK rig to set up our character which proved to be extremely useful as it helped provide easy control points to manipulate the character and animate it. This was the first time we used it so there was a bit of trial and error but nothing that a little google-fu won’t sort.

After a week of fine-tuning, rendering, fine-tuning again and small adjustments here and there we finally completed our animation, another round of feedback and tinkering later we were ready to show it to the world. The music was also ready and synced. All we had to do was join the two. Piece of cake.

The final animation is now live on Google Display Network and Facebook. Have you seen it yet?



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