Corporate AV for Young Monk

We have just three days.
There is a rough script, some ideas and newspaper clippings, all in email that blankly stares back at me. Just three days to convert all of that into a corporate av: music, text, transitions, animation et al. How are we going to pull this off? We decide that Rashmi will come up with the presentation design, while Suvankar starts work on the animation.  In the end, since Anika is away, I’ll sit down and edit it all together. Oh, and we still need to find a soundtrack.

Wait. Lets start at the beginning.
Young Monk is a, well, young PR firm, started by Piyush Kant and Ayonava Bagchi, two communication sector veterans who decided to start their own thing. Over the period of year, they have worked extensively with sports, especially football. They wanted to expand their client profile by reaching out to more football firms. But instead of sending another ppt ‘deck’, they wanted to do something new: they wanted a video presentation.  We at BlueAnt Digital have been working closely with Young Monk, and as such, we were handed the task of creating the AV. And time, as usual, wasn’t on our side.

Here we go.
The plan was simple, Rashmi and Suvankar would be given two days. By end of those days, we would have:
1. A story board that would explain what in the text would come when and how.
2. PSDs of different slide types so wouldn’t have to keep making designs during video editing
3. Finally, a set of animations that had been rendered with a transparent background.
On day three, I would splice them all together.

Day 3.
Having seen the designs and the animation, we decided to head to ccMixter to find a track that would work for the AV. Under ‘Instrumental Music for Videos and Film’ in the dig section, we found a whole playlist of music. After listening to different tracks we found, a track that had the bounce that we wanted for the AV. And the editing started.

Here the finished Corporate AV. We hope you like it!



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