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What with the pressures of global warming and climate change due to carbon emissions, the world’s focus is shifting to renewable energy; wind, hydro and the biggie – Solar. But till very recently, there wasn’t a single source that had all the information regarding solar energy and its progress in India. For this reason, our client BRIDGE TO INDIA, set up a content aggregation website called which gathers information from reliable sources on the web about everything solar and puts it all in one place.

This is something that I do on a daily basis here at BlueAnt. The site ( serves as a content aggregator. “What is a content aggregator?” one may ask. It refers to an individual or an organization that gathers web content (generally pertaining to one topic) and concentrates it in one place. The idea is to create a hub for information regarding a particular subject and make it easily available to a large audience. Aggregators greatly reduce the time and effort required for searching all of these websites, hence creating a single space where all the updates from various sites are collated.

How this happens is that we receive 5 stories from our client every day. As soon as the stories come in, I go through them and select the amount of information that sufficiently conveys the information in the title. Often, titles of these stories are modified to bring the focus on solar. For example, we may have a story that looks at renewable energy in general, which includes (besides solar) wind power, hydro-electricity, etc. Our job is to draw attention to the solar side of things, while lightly touching on the rest of the story. The story always presents the source at the top and links to the original article at the end, which takes care of the credentials.

This takes care of the text. Stories have greater impact if they have topical images to go along with them. That’s where my colleague, Anika Verma comes in. She sources relevant images from the web and after appropriate tagging, sends them across to accompany the stories. These stories are put up on the WordPress backend of and then published after being relevantly tagged and categorized as news, innovation, opinions, etc.

Once the stories go live, it’s time for the outreach. This is the interesting bit. We share these stories on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn, with its ‘strictly business’ profile calls for a formal approach to posting the updates, as compared to Facebook, where one can be casual and quirky. Business ended stories or posts from one of the guys at BRIDGE TO INDIA are given priority on LinkedIn while the story expected to generate the most interest is posted on the BRIDGE TO INDIA Facebook page, here. On the twitter front, each story is tweeted about with the link leading to, here after being shortened if necessary and applying the necessary hashtags to ensure maximum visibility.

Given the fact that the site began in mid-January, we’ve gone from next to nothing to about 36,000 views a month, which makes us feel all fuzzy in the pit of our stomachs (which means it makes us feel good). To greater heights!



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  • Arjun Jassal

    Aug 30th 2013


  • Solar Energy

    Jul 29th 2013

    Good going, You have really done a hard work, that you get 36,000 views a month

  • IndiaSolarMarket and Wordpress |

    Jun 20th 2013

    [...] In December 2012, our client Bridge to India (BTI) decided to start a solar energy news aggregator. The aim was to create an online space that appealed to everyone from first time solar enthusiasts to industry experts. India with its large energy deficit and ample sunlight is a perfect market for solar technologies, but there is no one online space in which everything from the latest policy changes to the new gadgets is dissected, displayed and discussed. The idea was to create that space in-line with existing BTI branding. From this was born (we spoke about what we do for that website last month here). [...]

  • Anika Verma

    Jun 7th 2013

    Thank you Ragini! Time bring on MORE traffic!

  • Ragini Ahluwalia

    May 20th 2013

    Great job guys :) Here's to taking to the next level!

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