Children’s Storybooks for Grownups: Myra’s Best Friend

Last week, you met Myra and Zuku. This week, you get to finally find out what their secrets are.

Our very first Children’s Story for Adults launches today!

Myra’s Best Friend begins with Myra sneaking out of her grandma’s house into the forest looking for Zuku.
FOLLOW Myra through her little journey simply by scrolling or swiping.

Her friends Mr. Owl and Miss Fox wonder why she doesn’t stop to talk to them.
SAY HI to Mr. Owl and Miss Fox by clicking on them.


The weather looks confusing. The sun is out yet clouds seem to gather.
MAKE IT RAIN and the clouds will disappear.

The birds are flying in the sky.
MAKE THEM SING and  fly away.


Myra finally meets Zuku.
There’s nothing for you to do here but watch what job Myra has for him.

So here we are, ready for the launch of Myra’s Best Friend – our very first story in the Children’s Storybooks for Grownups series. We call it an interactive online storybook experience. And now – it’s LIVE!

In our previous blogs, we’ve already discussed the ideas of storytelling, character sketches, visual styles and influences which went into the creation of this project. Let’s look at other different components since the project is now live.

1. It is Interactive: If you have already scrolled through the story, you must have met Myra’s other jungle friends – Mr. Owl and Miss Fox. But if you haven’t, STOP reading this, go back to the link and have fun with story. Every little forest creature lets you play with them – except Zuku! No one controls Zuku, not even Myra.

2. It has old school illustrations: Pretty pictures, dark stories. The juxtaposition of a dark tale in a cute looking children’s storybook style is what made us want to work on the project in the first place.

3. It is Dark: My favourite part of the story is its twisted ending. Myra find solace from the evils that trouble her at her grandmother’s house. This is where she meets her friend Zuku, the Rabbid who’s always willing to fulfill her demands. Zuku can become invisible any time he wants to, which is why it is sometimes difficult for Myra to find him. He is a mystical, savage creature with superpowers who doesn’t look at all what he actually is. All Myra wants is for Zuku to gobble up her abusive parents.

So here it is, you can read the story here. We want to know how you liked it, so do share your thoughts with us in the comments.




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