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TaleSpin is a customer-focussed ecosystem that helps customers to retail stores find what they’re looking for more effectively resulting in a more fruitful shopping experience. It also helps brands manage their inventories, track consumer behaviour and increase conversions.


TaleSpin needed to simplify the communication around its product and the technology behind it so they could present it at startup events. They also needed communication that would enable them to reach out to and communicate with potential investors as well as consumers.


TaleSpin uses conversational commerce, deep learning, endless aisles and remarketing to achieve its goals. However, these are not terms that our target audience is familiar with. We spent our early meetings with TaleSpin understanding how each of its technological components operated and the role it had to play in achieving TaleSpin’s goals.

Further, since TaleSpin was just entering the Indian market, we needed the brand to be noticed by investors and customers alike. This meant we had to design a visual language for the brand that made it stand out from its competitors. We also wanted this visual style to have an embedded mnemonic – a shape that allowed users to immediately recognise the brand the moment they saw it.

Being a retail solution, we found that a mnemonic in the form of an apparel price tag would be most suited to represent TaleSpin. We researched TaleSpin’s competitors and found that they primarily used shades of blue and green in their branding. So, to make TaleSpin stand out, we chose a palette of bright pink and purple hues.

We also needed TaleSpin to have a unique and consistent messaging style when speaking to brands, customers and investors. With this in mind, we created guidelines that ensured TaleSpin’s communication was simple enough for a consumer to be able to understand its benefits, but nuanced enough for a retail professional to understand the intricacies of it functions.


TaleSpin was selected by Next Big What as one of the 7 startups from all across India to showcase their product at Next Big What’s Unpluggd event. We designed an investor presentation for TaleSpin – including both visuals and a script – for the event, based on our brand and communication identity. TaleSpin walked away from Unpluggd having set up meetings with Nexus and Sequoia capital, and being listed as one of the most promising startups at the event.
We also took these guidelines forward in designing customer-facing collateral for TaleSpin including a website, brochures and business cards.



  • 2016



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