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Sounds of Freedom – a daylong celebration of Freedom with music, theatre, food and more. It’s an event organized by Teamwork Arts, to celebrate Freedom of expression. Aimed at the young and the restless, and the old and still restless, it is a platform for dialogue and expression. This year SOF partnered with UN Women India, He For She and MARD Project to focus the event on women’s rights, gender bias and help in fostering a safer environment for all women.

One part of our mission was to reach out to people and tell them how SOF was different and relevant to their lives. To do this, we decided that comics would be an interesting and effective way to reach out to our young urban target audience.

We made a number of comics that you can see at the Sounds of Freedom facebook page. Here are the four that we liked the most:


Building on the theme of women’s right, our plan in this first comic was to show how most women feel in public spaces.

Initially, I got overexcited about making a comic and forgot to think of the layout before hand. But after trying different things and taking everyone’s feedback, we finally arranged it. During coloring, I went so deep in detailing that I got lost in all its chaos. That’s when Rashmi pointed out that coloring elements wasn’t helping the overall comic. After much thought, we decided to use specific colors only on the main characters, which helped in focusing on them and making the messaging clearer.


Problems and errors are good. Enough, let’s go to the next one.


This one is for someone who hates routine. Sticking to the event’s theme, I chose a female character. I wanted to try foreshortening here, to make the comic more dynamic and increase it’s impact. We really liked this composition, the message is quite clear and it’s Arjun’s favorite because he love rays.


Okay, Next.


Daily dose of bad news, scripted reality shows, a mediascape full of endless quarrels and arguments. Our character had had enough people and wanted to take a break. She’s carefree; the sari is her style and she’ll scream out her message.


She’s cool and she knows it. Where was I?

Hokhay! COMIC 04

After the third one, we wanted to do direct comic. Something that directly said ‘this is why SOF is different, this is why you should attend it.’

To do this, we came up with 2 frames. The first frame shows a character standing and looking curious at people going to SOF. In the other frame, that shows people at SOF, there is music, food, singing, dancing. Anika added more flavor to this illustrations by adding sound effects like OMNOMNOM.





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