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Comics help communicate complex information by breaking it into simpler image and text panels. The images and text work together, the power of images communicating emotion while the tone of the text takes the story and characters forward. Together they make information accessible and readable.


For example complex social and cultural issues can often be talked about it comic form, making it ideal for NGOs and cause based organization to spread awareness and start dialogue.

Comics, as always, are a great way to tell stories. Often, we find that when we tell a startup’s story thorough comics, we get a better and more emotional response from people, than when the story is simply put up as a blogpost or about us text. The same also works for internal communication.

We also felt that if we converted boring and large organizational texts links HR manuals into comic form, more people would actually read them. We felt that a fun narrative style combined with reduced comic text would increase the chances of people actually reading those manuals.


BlueAnt has worked on two web comic series – ‘Homewards’ and ‘Drop Shadow’ and an Instagram based graphic novel – ‘Delhi Hetic’.

Homewards was about the journey of a boy returning to a hometown that no longer feel like home.

Drop Shadow on the other hand, was a weekly in-house comic strip that we shared on our social media. It helped others understand how we worked and what we worked on, while increasing interactions on all social channels

Delhi Hectic was our Instagram based graphic novel that used image with text overlays to capture the experience of living and working in Delhi.

Though every comic has its own cycle of creation, all comics for internal and external communication broadly follow these steps:

    • Finalizing end objective: Even before scripting starts, one needs to be clear about the objective or purpose of the comic.
    • Layout: The format and structure of the comic needs to be decided before scripting starts.
    • Scripting: The script or plot should always be written keeping the objective in mind.
    • Panelling: Panelling includes not only dividing the script into panels but also coming up with sketches for each panel.
    • Designing: Once the content for every panel is finalized, the actual design process starts.



Homewards was shortlisted by News-Me as one of the 12 web comics every twenty something Indian should read. It was also featured on Buzzfeed India, Bangalore Mirror and more.

Delhi Hectic was featured in The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Brown Paper Bag magazine and Little Black Book, Delhi.

People still ask us to revive drop shadow, and even as comics fans, we think we’ll work on something new altogether!



  • 2015


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