Character Development in Flat Design

At some point at Blueant Digital, we started working with characters. These were characters that were created by a client’s previous designer. Our job was to use them for various collaterals. Week on week, we tweaked and used the characters for posters, facebook posts and website banners. Soon though, we ran into trouble.

For starters, the client had no female characters and the characters that they did have didn’t quite represent or connect with their target audience. Out of need and the itch to create something new, we started creating new characters. Little did we know, we had tumbled through a new rabbit hole.

Last month, Arjun assigned us a new a project: Rashmi and I had to create three standee designs for a client. We decided to make one based on characters that we would create. But that wasn’t enough; we wanted to do something new. While working on ‘3 Gifs on Delhi’, Arjun introduced us to flat design and now he wanted us to experiment with it to create characters.

I started by illustrating characters that looked like robots to get some flatness into it. According to me flat is not a new thing; it’s just a trend in the cycle of the creative world. I also didn’t want to copy any previous artist, but decided to use Picasso’s Cubist period as a sort of guide (I don’t want to sound all pompous). While the characters looked good, the colors just didn’t work for the web. So Rashmi introduced me to a brighter, starker, color palette that did the trick for us.

Unfortunately the client rejected the characters; they didn’t like them at all. That didn’t stop us. We’ve gone ahead developed more flat characters any way!

Here are a few of our flat character design work in progress. I hope you like them!

Some characters we made for a client.

Us as flat characters. Arjun is a Zombie.

Basic ideas for the standee design that got rejected.

Some more characters we made for a client.



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