Character Design for 24Seven


For 24Seven’s Diwali campaign they wanted us to make something which best brought out 24Seven being the one-stop solution for everyone. For that, we created a Diwali comic that revolved around the festive frenzy of a couple.


The reason why we opted for a comic was because we wanted to do something short, quirky and funny. It was a  comic of four panels. Next, we chose characters who 24Seven’s target audience, media-savvy, working people, could relate to. Our final selection was a modern-day couple.

The script of the comic matched 24Seven’s Diwali specific tagline, “Making Everyday a Celebration”. The script decided on details like the appearance of the characters, background, character placement, facial expressions and dialogues. We played around scenarios that one experiences during the festivals like Diwali. Post which, we created three comics. One revolved around indecisiveness, second, on the conflict on the choice of decorations, and the third, on the everyone’s busy schedule and taking out time for shopping.

Since most of the script revolved around the couple at the store, we chose to use the a photo illustration as the background, wherein we used a combination of real image and illustration, and the couple could be seen shopping in the aisles. The postures and angles were sketched in a way that the characters blended in well with the background . The facial expressions were hard to perfect and the sketching required immense precision.


The final result was as expected. The comics gained quite a lot of attention over 24Seven’s social media platforms. Everyone found them relatable and made them chuckle.



  • 2017


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