Experimentations with Animations

As Delhi’s top design agency, we are always on the lookout to try something new. Evolving our techniques and technology to create state-of-the-art visuals and videos.

This time, we’ve created an animation. The protagonist of this animation is a typical hipster, Delhi boy (we’re sure a lot of you would relate to him!). He gets his coffee only from Starbucks, hates crowded spaces and loves Instagramming everything.

The first attempt at the animation was a total fail. The software was unstable, and the voiceover artist left mid-recording too! This time around, we’ve planned it better.

While recording, we used the Adobe Character Animator, a high-end motion capture software, that allowed us to record facial features and movements. We no longer include hand-drawn movements or put keyframes ourselves to make an animation. In this attempt, we’ve added more facial, hand, and body movements to the character.

Proper naming of the layers, adding the soundtrack (jazz, of course!), a few sweat droplets here and there. A final round of edits on the sound bits, and done!

Check out what our hipster boy has to say about Dussehra and the festivities that revolve around it in the animation here:




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